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12-minute hands-on video with the HTC One M8 appears online

The HTC One M8, which is launching later this month, has just appeared in a 12-minute long hands-on video, letting us get up close and personal with it ahead of its official release.

We’ve heard a fair amount about the elusive successor to the HTC One and ahead of its March 25th debut; an extensive video hands-on has emerged with what appears to be a completed M8, compared alongside the current HTC flagship, the One. The original video was picked up by sites like Engadget, but has subsequently been removed, however, multiple re-uploads have appeared allowing the beans to remain well and truly spilled.

As we’ve previously seen in leaked photos, the M8 showcases a new, darker, brushed metal finish over its entire body. It’s boasts a more rounded aesthetic and totes what appears to be a slightly larger 5-inch screen too.

The camera unit has been the most intriguing aspect of this upcoming handset, boasting two separate sensors; a larger primary camera and a smaller secondary one just above. Whilst the blogger doesn’t explore what this dual camera system will offer up, we do get a glimpse of a new camera UI. Not only does it adopt a cleaner, monochrome aesthetic, but it also divides the primary functions into six key areas: Camera, Video, Zoe camera, Selfie, Dual capture and Pan 360.

HTC is clearly betting yet again on its unique Zoe mode, to capture brief snippets of video in amongst your regular stills. What’s more the introduction of dual capture allows the user to snap from both the rear and front cameras simultaneously. A feature new to HTC handsets, although already found on the likes of Samsung and LG’s Android devices.

The broader interface across the device as a whole is quoted as Sense 6.6 and it looks very similar the current iteration of Sense 5, running on the HTC One (M7), albeit with on-screen buttons and a tweaked version of HTC’s own feed aggregator, BlinkFeed.

There’s clearly a lot more to explore when the device goes official, but we see little reason to question the legitimacy of this new hands-on with the M8. It offers nothing outlandish in the way of speculation and in fact reaffirms what many of the rumours have already been claiming.


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