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HTC One mini Tips and Tricks

The small size and price tag, paired with the killer design and premium user experience of the HTC One mini has made it one of the best mid-rangers out there. It offers a ton of features too and we’re going to show you how to get the most out of it.

Tip 1: Using or hiding BlinkFeed

BlinkFeed is a big part of the HTC One mini’s user experience, it’s a special feed aggregator that can pull in news, stories and information from various sources including websites, social networks and even your calendar.

Tapping the ‘Topics and services’ option at the top of BlinkFeed will let you customise which sources it draws stories from, and although by default it’s the One mini’s main homescreen, pinching together and long-pressing a different homescreen will let you hide BlinkFeed if you don’t want to use it.

Tip 2: The notifications panel

As the One mini runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean it has a more advanced notifications panel than even the HTC One did at launch. Whilst a single finger swipe down from the top displays your standard notifications, a two-finger swipe down reveals a host of quick options, which allow you to toggle elements like Bluetooth, WiFi and mobile data on or off. Tapping the three dots by certain icons also lets you access the full settings menu for greater control.

Tip 3: Home button control

The home button actually has three functions, not just one. A single tap will return you to the default homescreen wherever you are in the One mini’s UI. A double tap will bring up the multi-taking window so you can jump between the nine most recently used applications or swipe each one up to close an it, and long-pressing the home button will launch Google Now.

Tip 4: Kid Mode

If you’ve got kids, the One mini’s Kid Mode is a great service that comes pre-installed. Set-up for a parent and child is simple and once it’s ready to go, your kid can play and learn from the host of specialised apps, storybooks and videos tailored to their age-range. What’s more, you need a password to exit Kid Mode, so there’s no risk of them accessing other features or apps on your One mini accidentally.

Tip 5: HTC Media Link

The 720p HD screen and Boomsound speakers are a great way to enjoy multimedia on the go, but it’s also easy to enjoy content on the big screen wirelessly with the HTC Media Link. Once you plug the Media Link into your TV you can connect your One mini to it by swiping three fingers upwards on the screen. You’ll then have the option to pair and share your phone’s display on your HD TV. Ideal for looking at photos, watching movies or listening to music at home.


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