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HTC One ‘Google Edition’ coming soon, according to reports

Could a stock Android edition of the HTC One be with us shortly? Possibly, if reports from Geek and MoDaCo are to be believed. Both sites claim that HTC will soon announce and release a version of the HTC One running stock Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2. it comes not long after Google surprised the audience at Google I/O by announcing the Samsung Galaxy S4 “Google Edition”.

The “Google Edition” of the Samsung Galaxy S4 features identical hardware to the retail model, but it strips away TouchWiz – along with other software customizations – in favour of stock Android. Google is only planning to sell that edition in the United States to begin with, offering the bootloader and SIM unlocked phone for $649 (around £430).

Shortly after that announcement, an HTC representative sent out the following tweet: “So you can pay $649 for a piece of plastic running stock or… You can wait.” Attention quickly turned towards the possibility of there being an HTC One “Google Edition”, despite a statement to the contrary from HTC’s Jeff Gordon not long after.

Geek’s report, however, is the most credible source for a stock Android HTC One so far. The site accurately reported on the existence of the Galaxy S4 “Google Edition” shortly before Google I/O kicked off, so HTC may indeed soon follow suit with its own Nexus-like device. The publication says that the announcement will come within the next two weeks, while Paul O’Brien of MoDaCo fame believes that the device will see an unveiling as soon as next week.


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