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HTC One successor to feature rear fingerprint sensor?

A smartphone case, allegedly for the 2014 successor to the HTC One, suggests a rear fingerprint sensor akin to the iPhone 5S.

HTC was a company divided in 2013, on the one-hand execs walked out, sales figures were less than stellar and even Robert Downey Jr. didn’t entice consumers all that much, but on the other the company produced the HTC One – an Android flagship that set the bar high for its rivals, won many prestigious awards and is almost certainly going to be one tough act to follow.

HTC M8 case?

With New Years celebrations firmly in our rear view mirror, its about time the company pulled the wraps on its successor and the first hint of the phone that could be, comes in the form of a case spotted by, suggesting that HTC will once again be placing a fingerprint sensor on their back of their unannounced new flagship.

Whilst it wasn’t even Apple who pioneered fingerprint scanners on smartphones, the HTC One Max attempted to integrate such a feature, but in reality the swipe to unlock that was required proved too unreliable to make it a viable inclusion. Based on the positioning, size and shape of the case, the One successor will have a small circular scanner at the top of the device, centrally positioned above the camera and LED flash arrangement. We’re hoping this smaller looking hole means a fingerprint scanner more like the 5S’; one where the user simply has to rest their finger on it, as opposed to swiping it across.

HTC One+ Recombu mockup

The HTC One+, HTC Two or HTC M8 as its been called unofficially, is expected to be more of an iterative upgrade to the One rather than a move in a new direction for the company’s smartphone line altogether. Suggested specs include a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage with microSD expandability, a robust 2900mAh battery and a larger 5-inch Full HD screen.

Based on a recent court ruling and the arrival of last year’s flagship this new phone should surface sometime in February with stores beginning to sell it from March. Whether HTC chooses MWC to serve as the stage on which to unveil it, or a separate event also remains to be seen.


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