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HTC One X and One S Media Link: Hands on

The HTC One X and HTC One S both manage movies and music incredibly well. Not only do they have enough storage for thousands of songs as well as spec sheets capable of playing back full HD content, but they’re also compatible with something called a HTC Media Link. This incredible little black box opens up the HTC One phones to offer DLNA¬†type media sharing to TVs which don’t support DLNA. All you need is a simple HDMI port in the back of your living room telly and you’re done.

How does it work? Simply plug in your HTC Media Link into your TV, connect it to a power socket to keep it juiced up and jump to your HDMI channel on your TV. Make sure you’ve got a Wi-Fi connection going, simply pull up content on your HTC One phone, swipe up three fingers on the screen and as easy as that, you’ve pushed the content across to your TV. First time round there’s an initial pair process, but after that it’s literally as easy as open file, swipe up and watch.

Even better is the fact that the Media Link throws the content to your TV and leaves your HTC One X or One S free for standard use giving you two screens despite only one phone / processor etc. HTC’s Media Link fast becomes the perfect multimedia device for anyone with an HTC One phone and a slightly older TV. We’ve got one, we’ll review it in the coming days but if you’ve got any questions or thoughts, just comment or tweet.


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