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Best HTC One X cases

The HTC One X is HTCs flagship handset and comes with a pretty tasty spec-sheet including a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, 4.8-inch screen and Ice Cream Sandwich.

HTC has paid its customary attention to the design to create a gorgeous phone, but accidents – and scratches happen. Here are a selection of cases providing protection for the HTC One X.

Melko leather flip case

Melkco Leather Flip Case


Made from handcrafted, fine-grain leather with an eye-catching slash of orange, this black flip case exudes quality. It’s tough yet durable. Reinforced sides securely hug the One X’s body, the flip design protecting both front and back from scratches and scrapes. The soft suede interior includes the Melkco logo.


HTC One X offical HTC case
HTC One X Official Hard Case


This HTC One X hard case has a unique mesh appearance, both for aesthetic purposes and to ensure the phone (with its powerful quad-core processor) remains well ventilated. Made from plastic that’s been toughened and injection moulded to provide ample protection, as an official HTC case, it’s compatible with the HTC One Multimedia Dock.


Otterbox Defender Case

Otterbox Defender Case


Otterbox has a reputation for creating ultra-tough cases and Defender comprises of three protective layers: screen protector, snap-fit polycarbonate shell and shock absorbing silicone wrap. The case is a bit big for a pocket, but it can also be attached to a belt using the supplied clip and holder.


HTC one x kickstand case

Seidio Active Case with Kickstand

$29.99 (£19 + £12 shipping)

As well as protecting the HTC One X, this case includes a built-in kickstand for watching movies. Although it feels light and is just 2.2mm deep, the case includes two protective shock-absorbing layers, while the ‘Arachnid’ design provides extra protection at weak spots. Choose from glossed white, black, garnet red, purple, and royal blue variants. 


AIO Blue Aluminium Hard Case Cover

AIO Blue Aluminium Hard Case Cover


This blue case is made from a mix of aluminium on the outside and polycarbonate on the inside protecting against drops and knocks, while another polycarbonate strip protects the buttons. We’re not really sure about the bright shade of blue, but it’s great value.



Sena case

Sena Ultraslim

$29.99 (£19) plus + £6)

Described as ‘the thinnest leather case ever designed for any mobile device’ this stylish sleeve case will fit the tightest pocket and includes velvet lining to protect the screen.



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