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HTC One X Snapdragon S4, Tegra 3 benchmark comparison

We’ve benchmarked the HTC One X (AT&T dual-core S4 processor) and the HTC One X (Nvidia Tegra 3 processor), compared them and here are the results.

Despite initially beaming with glee after finding out that we here in the UK would be getting a Tegra 3 quad-core chip in our HTC One X, ever since we reviewed it and found battery life to be seriously sub-par, our hopes for the better battery rested on the S4 variant.

While we had no confirmation that the Qualcomm chipset would better the battery life we were nothing if not hopeful and now that we’ve seen the scores and clock speed, clearly that’s HTC’s hope too. Why? It’s clocked to 1.24 GHz which is at first sight a strange move for a flagship phone. Funnily enough, this means that the HTC One X is clocked over .25 GHz below the One S, making that the most powerful HTC phone across the pond. This is actually a really good thing for power conscious users out there who we reckon make up the majority of owners, and could be the difference between your phone lasting a day rather than powering through an afternoon.

Additional Antutu benchmarking scores reflect the lower clockspeed, putting the Nvidia Tegra 3 One X above the Qualcomm Snapdragon version in most areas. Funnily enough, 2D and 3D Graphics score better on the S4 chipset, though not by a huge amount.

That said, use GL Benchmark and it becomes clear that broadly speaking, the Tegra 3 does indeed outperform the Snapdragon S4 as you can see from the screen shots. In an ever tumultuous face-off between the Xs however, thanks to the notoriously snappy web-performance of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor, the HTC One X AT&T version out performs the Nvidia Tegra 3 version significantly when using Vellamo to test web browsing prowess.

How does this all affect you then? Well it’s simple. If you’re a gamer, you might limit your ability to play some Tegra 3 exclusive games should you pick up the S4 version. Other high end games will probably drop a few frames per second and sometimes, you may get a stagger, judder or jerk. Also, full HD videos not formatted in the correct codec might not play back quite so smoothly with the lower horsepower CPU.

When it comes to using your HTC One X as a phone however, having spent a fair while with the S4 version we can safely say we noticed no UI slowdown, though one thing that was different was the battery life. We actually squeezed out a full day which we never managed out of the HTC One X Tegra 3 variant. We don’t seem to have a choice here in the UK as to which HTC One X we go for but anyone in the US deciding between the two, consider yourselves informed.


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