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HTC One X Snapdragon Unboxing Video

It’s here, finally the HTC One X Snapdragon S4 version. We had kittens when using the One X Tegra 3 quad-core power maximus version for reviews and features – its camera is stonking, its build is solid and boy are we sold on on the LCD 2 screen technology packed into its 720p 4.7-inch display. That said, if anything curbed our exaltation of the One X it was quite simply the battery life. We want to play with this phone, but come 4PM, we’re fearfully turning off all our sync settings, connectivity and cursing the screen for not allowing us to kill the backlight completely in a bid to squeeze out an extra 2 hours of juice out for the journey home. Queue the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 variant.

In a string of coverage of this wonderful balance of screen and sustenance, we show everyone here on the wrong side of the pond just what Americans can expect from the US version of the HTC One S on AT&T with a delve into the box and a peek into the interface and a brief fumble over what is arguably our favourite handset right now.

Other features of the AT&T HTC One X include a reduced 16GB of memory with 9.8GB user-available, a processor clocked down to 1.2GHz in order to save your battery as well as all your standard HTC One X goodness such as that screen we mentioned earlier, a back-side illuminated 8-megapixel sensor with a 28mm wide angle and an f/2 lens as well as Ice Cream Sandwich sitting smoothly and silently underneath Sense 4.0. 

The question is, does the Snapdragon S4 processor actually make a significant difference to battery? Does the reduced clock speed slow down the S4 One X? Should HTC bring this variant of the One X to our shores at a lower price-point? Just check out the rest of our HTC One X Snapdragon S4 coverage for all the answers.


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