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HTC One X successor with 1.7GHz quad-core benchmarked

The HTC One X sits amongst a small handful of devices in the quad-core smartphone crowd. What’s more HTC have been commended for being able to get the One X to market so early on in the year. The One X was part of HTC’s new One Series lineup (consisting of the One X, One S and One V) and until the arrival of the Galaxy S3, has had the monopoly over the top spot for performance smartphones. A new benchmark has now emerged looking to out do the One X from within HTC.

Japanese site, BlogOfMobile! were the first to catch sight of the new benchmarking figures, plastered on the pages of GLBenchmark’s online results pages. The device in question is said to be an HTC device dubbed, ‘evitareul’ which could be seen as one word or perhaps as Evitare UL, we’re not sure. PocketNow’s suggested talk of this being the follow up to the HTC One X is thanks in part to its processor’s clock speed, but the name also could be an evolution of the HTC ‘Evita’, an early codename for the LTE capable HTC One X or One XL, which graced the US market as the company’s new flagship in place of the internationally recognised Tegra 3 One X.

HTC One X successor

On the subject of NVIDIA’s Tegra chip, the Evitare UL is said to be running a quad-core Tegra 3 processor clocked at 1.7GHz, trumping the current HTC One X which utilises a 1.5GHz chip. Aside from processor the only other pieces of the puzzle we’ve been given, are that the device will employ a 720p HD display of an unknown size and is likely operate on AT&T LTE network in the US.

As with the One XL in the states, this benchmark could just be for an American version of an international device. So despite talk of LTE, there’s every chance we’ll get a piece of the action in Europe too, fear not.


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