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HTC ‘Ruby’ leaks: new pictures

Pictures of a new handset called the ‘HTC Ruby’ have leaked online.

Flickr albums online that that appear to belong HTC employees potentially in China appear to show a handset that could be the HTC Ruby.

The albums show a sequence of around 180 pictures of the HTC Flyer. What’s interesting is that according to Flickr  data the pictures were taken using an HTC Ruby and you can actually the reflected pictures of the handset in the Flyer’s screen (below). It appears to be a fairly small handset with rounded edge and that’s about all we can tell.

Looking closer at a related Flickr account we discovered some more photos, which appear to show the clear front view of the same handset in the original photo. The pictures have again been taken again front of the HTC Flyer and (according to Flickr) have been taken using the HTC Ruby.  As there are  white two phones in the original shot, which it’s safe to assume one Ruby is taking a photo of the other Ruby,

The ‘Ruby’ handset appears to be running HTC Sense rather than WP7 and has a front-facing camera. Crucially you can make out the T in T-Mobile, which suggest it’s a US model, rather than UK, so may not even be coming here.


The album also includes a picture taken in March using an HTC Marvel, a handset which has yet to appear in the UK, although reports online suggest it is a mid-range handset in the same vein as the Wildfire S.

The album appears to be legitimate – with HTC documentation on the wall. We spoke to HTC who said refused to comment on speculation.

We’ll bring you more news on the HTC Ruby – if that’s what it’s called – as soon as we get it.


Via: UberGizmo


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