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HTC Ruby resurfaces: Sensation-esque smartphone goes full frontal for Mr. Blurrycam

Another shot of the HTC Ruby has emerged, this one a full-frontal (albeit a little blurry) shot that gives us a better idea of how the phone looks.

As you can see, there’s what looks like a front-facing camera up top, something which we didn’t see in those pics from a few weeks ago, along with the four Android home keys at the bottom in the usual HTC layout – Home, Menu, Back and Search.

That little section at the foot of the phone reminds us of the HTC Sensation’s battery cover (see below).

So maybe the Ruby will be a specced or slimmed down version of the Sensation? Perhaps with a 3.7-inch screen or a 5-megapixel camera?

As we saw in the earlier shots, that T-Mobile branding top right is all present and correct, suggesting that if this is genuine, this particular model is a US-only deal; the Ruby may not see the light of day over here, or if it does it might (ahem) arrive under a different name.

Unsurprisingly, HTC declined to comment on “rumour and speculation” when we spoke to them. But given that HTC’s Peter Chou mentioned something about 6 to 8 new handsets being launched later this year, we’re expecting to see more of this kind of thing during the long run up to Christmas.

Source: Pocketnow


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