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HTC Salsa, HTC ChaCha: Preorder at Amazon now

HTC’s Facebook phones have now appeared ready for pre-order; the HTC Salsa is priced at £319.99 , while the HTC Chacha is £249.99.

Announced back in February, and rumoured even earlier, the HTC Chacha has Facebook features deeply ingrained, with the abilities like being able to connect Facebook Events that you attend automatically to the phone’s calendar.

There’s also instant messaging possible through Facebook Chat. Amazon have penned it for delivery on 26 June 2011. It has a BlackBerry-esque Qwerty keyboard, in addition its own Facebook button- joy! There’s also a smaller touchscreen above the keyboard for web-browsing and apps.

The HTC Salsa is a touchscreen phone, and though more expensive, looks more like the HTC phones we’re used to. Again, Amazon expect a release date of 26 June. This one also has its own dedicated Facebook button, for when touchscreens just aren’t fast enough.

Both will have the baked-in Facebook features, the latest Android OS (Gingerbread), a five-megapixel camera and a front-facing VGA cam.

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