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HTC Sensation: First impressions

We’ve had the HTC Sensation over the weekend and thought we’d share how we’ve been faring so far with the super phone. We’ve fallen in love with the qHD (quarter high-definition) screen, which partners well with the new HTC Watch service.

We’ve rented and bought several TV shows and films, and the system works. The only problem we’ve had so far is the limited storage. Although the phone arrives with a generous 8GB microSD card, the phone itself only has 1GB- barely enough for a single TV episode.

You can always re-download any media you’ve cleared out- and we discovered that your HTC Watch account works across their devices- we used the same on both the Sensation and its tablet brother, the Flyer.

With its dual-core processor, the HTC Sensation effortlessly handled everything we threw at it; we saw no slow-down despite several apps being connected online, downloads and streaming media all at the same time.

The Sensation is noticeably weighty in the hand- much more than the Galaxy S2- and it’s much thicker. We’re split at Recombu as to whether we like the satisfying heft of the Sensation, or prefer the thin stylings of the Galaxy S2; it’s down to your personla preference.

The camera is the best we’ve seen from HTC- boasting a perfomance speed closer to a point-and-click digital camera than a camera phone.

It’s also picks up moving objects with little to no blur. It’s a huge leap forward for HTC’s smartphones, and bodes well for that rumoured high-specc’ed HTC Bresson.

You can also use the digital zoom on any resolution picture you take- something that’s not possible on super-cameraphone, the Xperia Arc. Full high-definition video occasionally hiccups if you’re a bit too zealous with the phone, but keeps up well with light changes, and picking up sound.

Speaking of sound, we were less impressed with the built-in loudspeaker. Most of the time you’ll either be using headphones or connecting to a bigger screen with its own sound system, but given that the Sensation is positioned as a top-end multimedia superphone, it’s a shame the tinny sound often gets distorted if turned up to full.

Expect to see our full HTC Sensation review in a few days.

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(UPDATE: See our whole review here.)


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