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HTC Sensation: The return of Death Grip?

You’d think rivals would learn from their competition’s mistakes, but it looks like HTC may have made the same gaffe as Apple, with rumours of signal troubles if you hold the new HTC Sensation in certain way.

Worse still, it seems to affect both BlueTooth and WiFi. According to Nordic Hardware, it’s due to the almost unibody case. Although parts of the case are plastic, if these get covered, you could notice a significant drop in signal and reception.

According to the video, if you cover up the bottom of the phone, Bluetooth streaming chokes, whilst weaker WiFi signals disappeared altogether. It seems cradling the base of your phone in your hand will create issues.

During review, we didn’t notice any particularly huge problems during calls, although WiFi signals were occasionally difficult to connect to. We’ll be looking into this ourselves to see whether more handsets are affected.

The iPhone 4 suffered similar issues immediately after launch, and after an initial bullish reception from Steve Jobs, they were forced to concede, offering free reception bumpers to their customers.

Interestingly, it’s rare to see iPhone users using the signal bumper in public, although it looks like the antennae blockage on the HTC Sensation can’t easily be solved by a ‘booster’ case.

We’ve been in contact with HTC and are waiting for their response.

Via: GSM Arena


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