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HTC Sensation trademarked, could this be HTC’s tablet UI?

HTC has apparently trademarked the named ‘HTC Sensation’ here in Europe, which has led some to speculate that this’ll be the new name for a forthcoming tablet UI.

According to, the trademark filing at the Trade Marks and Design Registration Office of the European Union covers a whole bunch of things including:

“Mobile phones, smartphones, wireless phones, wireless devices, portable computers and personal digital assistants…”

And a whole lot more; have a peek at the pic to the right.

HTC Sense is, of course, HTC’s rather ace custom UI, seen on Android phones like the HTC Desire HD.

So while it’d make sense (ha) for HTC to have something similar on any tablets it’ll be making, we don’t see why HTC wouldn’t keep the Sense brand name as it is.

We imagine that features like FriendStream, leap mode, and access to would make the transition to tablets. So why bother with renaming the UI?

Of all the Android custom skins, HTC Sense is the one that’s most popular with users and it’s the one that we like the most. Like they say, if it ain’t broke… We checked out as well – there’s nothing there. Yet.

HTC declined to comment when we spoke to them.

Via: Droid-Life


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