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HTC Sensation unibody gets sanded to an inch of its life: Looks amazing

Whilst Android obsessives duke it out over which is the current king of Android; the HTC Sensation or Samsung’s Galaxy S2, one fan plumped for the Sensation for one special reason; that unibody frame.

Having already sanded down battery covers in the past, tackling the Sensation’s aluminium unibody frame required a bit more precision.

Paul White from Whitesites had to remove the speaker grills and other parts attached to the case that may not survive the sanding.

As White walks through the full process, he warns that you will need to remove both the top and bottom plastic pieces; the rubber coating on these keeps the antenna in place.

Using a variety of sandpapers, he stripped off the first layer of paint, then buffed out any visible scratches with smaller grain sandpaper. The final stage involved plenty of metal polish creme and some kitchen towels.

Check out White’s blog for the full details of how he did it; but the end result speaks for itself; a shining Sensation.



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