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HTC Sensation XE coming to Three in December

Three has just announced over on it blog that it’ll be selling the Beats Audio-accentuated HTC Sensation XE. The Sensation XE originally didn’t feature in Three’s smartphone line-up, with the original HTC Sensation and the XL instead joining the ranks.

But Three will now be taking the XE as well as the XL and apparently it’s all down to you, the Great British Public. Three’s Sylvia Chind said via the blog that based on “overwhelming feedback we’ve changed our minds. We’ve decided to sell the XE and the XL.”

The sped-up Sensation XE features a 1.5GHz dual core chip, Beat Audio headphones and a sound enhancer for a decidedly bass-heavy listening experience.
Internal memroy clocks in and just over 1GB, but you can bulk out the microSD slot with cards of up to 32GB for extra playlist storage.

Check out our review here and out blow-by-blow HTC Sensation XE vs Samsung Galaxy S2 showdown. There hasn’t been a mention of pricing or a specific release date, other than that the HTC Sensation XE will be coming to Three in December.

Source: Three