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HTC Sensation XE goes official with Beats Audio, bigger battery, faster processor

HTC has gone official on its rumoured Sensation upgrade, previously rumoured to be carrying Beats Audio branding, technology and earphones.

Improving on the HTC Sensation of yester-month, the XE promises improved audio processing, both on the hardware and the built-in software. The dual-core processor has been nudged to 1.5 GHz, whilst the battery has also been increased.

The new Sensation XE adds custom audio processing hardware and software, as well as increasing the speed of the Android Gingerbread smartphone to 1.5GHz and boosting runtimes with a larger battery.

When users plug in the boxed Beats by Dr. Dre in-ear headphones, the Sensation XE will switch to a special “Beats” sound profile, tuned to improve the sound output specifically for those cans.

The Sensation XE will arrive with either a 8GB or 16GB microSD card inside too, whilst the phone has also had a Beats paint job – as you can see in the press shot – with red hues, Android key backlighting and detail added to the original monolithic HTC Sensation.

Any news on a release date? Well, according to the release, HTC Sensation XE is set to arrive in Europe and Asia later this month, but there’s no official price-tag just yet.


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