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HTC’s smartwatch first to rock a flexible screen

HTC’s new smartwatch – codenamed ‘Petra’ – will apparently be the first to feature flexible screen technology, as well as surprisingly good battery life, according to the latest internet rumblings.

Information regarding the company’s upcoming wearable has been dug up by regular spoiler Upleaks, confirming that the device will sport a 1.8-inch flexible screen of HTC’s own design. The news makes us even more excited about HTC’s first wearable, which should sport a very unique and funky design if the rumours are true, as well as full water-proofing. Here’s hoping for a slender watch face that can morph to fit almost any wrist size.

The latest leaks also suggest that HTC’s smartwatch could offer over three days of battery life from a single charge. If that’s true, it would heavily eclipse the rumoured performance of the upcoming Apple Watch, which is reportedly ear-marked for a single day’s usage before the bugger dies.

Interestingly, HTC’s premier wearable will also swerve Android Wear in favour of a proprietary operating system, unlike most recent smartwatches. That could be a good thing as Android Wear hardware has underperformed in this first generation, and the Petra will apparently support both Android and iOS. However, HTC will need to add in plenty of useful functionality and support the watch well in order to keep it competitive.

The watch, which will be available in a number of colours and size options, should allow users to view notifications, control their device’s camera shutter or music app, keep track of sleep and exercise and offer weather, GPS and news updates – and that’s just some of the reported features. HTC may also include a special footpad sensor to allow the device to more accurately measure your fitness sessions.

There’s no word yet on when we might be getting eyes on this mysterious-yet-intriguing device, but there’s a good chance that it’ll emerge in HTC’s press conference at MWC 2015, which takes place on Sunday, March 1st – and we’ll be reporting live from the event.


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