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HTC tablet to arrive in mid-April: £600 on pre-order

It may not be the fastest, biggest or thinnest, but the unique stylus-toting HTC Flyer looks set to arrive in the UK mid April.

The seven-inch tablet looks to differentiate itself from its Android tab rivals with a special sensitive pen that allows you to annotate and highlight documents, emails and webpages.

According to online shopping site Clove, they will have the Flyer in-stock from mid-April, and it should cost you £600, with even some extra accessories priced and available to pre-order including a spare stylus (£40) a HDMI converter cable (£24),, and in-car charger (£17).

Now, whether the stylus will be a big enough USP to draw people away from both the iPad 2, and double-core powered Android rivals remains to be seen.

When we last saw the HTC Flyer at Mobile World Congress last month, it was running an older version of Android than we’ve seen on its competition. We’ll give it a thorough testing when it arrives on these shores for review.

Source: Clove


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