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HTC Titan: Hands-on shots and first impressions

This is the HTC Titan. Behold its super-massive 4.7-inch screen and tremble, feeble mortals. We’ve bee able to have a quick play around with the Titan and can say that despite the size of that display (bordering on Dell Streak territory) it’s actually pretty lightweight and compact in the hand. It’s only a wafer-thin 9.9mm round the sides after all. Not even Mr. Creosote could refuse this.

We do wonder when exactly the trend towards screen magnification will come to an end. Is this the ceiling limit for screen size acceptability? Or a decimal point of an inch too far? That’s a debate for another day we think; for now, feast your weary peepers on our hands on shots of the HTC Titan and the HTC Radar as well, while you’re at it.

During our brief demo time we were able to have a go with the panoramic shot mode, see what the Windows Phone 7 version of HTC Watch looks like and get a sneaky look at the dock screen. Yes, there’s going to be a range of HTC docks available for both phones.

We should stress that this is a development model and so isn’t what you’ll see in the shops. We weren’t able to test out everything we liked because of this and, as we said, we didn’t have all day to play around with it.

Click through to see more of the Titan from all angles and to see it’s features in action.

There’s the main camera unit ofthe HTC Titan in it’s 8-megapixel glory. We’re keen to see how this’ll hold up in the ‘taking shots in gloomy pubs’ stakes next to the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. You get an f/2.2 aperture, back-lit sensor and a dual LED flash here.

Round the front, there’s a 1.3-megapixel camera allowing for video calls. We reckon that you’ll probably use the Titan as a high-tech mirror more. Got to make sure that your hair isn’t a strand out of place for that big meeting. We were told by HTC that the Tango videocalling app would be available for WP7 devices around the time of the Titan’s launch.

Pretty thin round the sides right? Though the wide frame (131.5 x 70.7 x 9.9mm) means it’ll be a squeeze for some people’s pockets at least it’s not going to leads to any unsightly brick-like bulges.

And round on the other side, you’ve got a thin volume rocker sitting above a shutter key for the camera.

How the new Windows Phone 7’ed version of the HTC Watch app looks. We were unable to test out the video playing capabilities on the model we handled but we imagine that movies will look good; 16:10 aspect ratio will mean things’ll be letterboxed, but only ever so slightly.

The same Metro UI theme returns here. You pin shortcuts to the main screen by long-pressing on an icon from the sub menu, creating shortcuts to the calculator, camera and… dock mode? Let’s have a little look at that.

An in progress shot of how the new dock mode will look. When you connect your Titan to one of the forthcoming docks, this screen will load up, giving you quick access to entertainment functions like the music player, HTC Watch, photos and, naturally the alarm clock.

The HTC Titan’s main camera. You get a long list of fun effects as well as options of white balance and ISO. Burst shots is fairly explanatory; you can take up to five shots in one go. Curiosity got the better of us; we went straight for the panorama shot.

When you take your first pic in panorama mode, the Titan pops up a spirit level-style alignment tool on the screen. It won’t take the next picture until it’s happy that you’re on the same level, stopping you from stitching together wonky panoramas.

See? When the circle in the middle turns green is when you know you’re good to go. The camera will do its thing automatically.

Obligatory battery cover off shot. The cover here is the same kind of deal as the HTC Sensation and HTC Evo 3D, a one-piece cover the slides off with a little effort and clips snugly back into place.

We were amazed at the size of the Titan’s battery; we were expecting it to be bigger. This is the standard size for HTC’s batteries though, so we guess we shouldn’t have been took shocked. You’ll need to dig it out to pop your SIM in, obviously, and as this is Windows Phone 7, there’s no microSD slot.


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