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HTC to make Google’s Nexus 8 tablet this summer?

Google is reportedly working with HTC on an 8-inch Nexus tablet, expected to launch in the third quarter this year.

Over the last two summers, Google has partnered with Asus for the development its Nexus 7 tablets. But now it is reported that Google will once again unite with HTC after word that it’s looking for a new design direction.

It has also been reported that Asus is more interested in selling tablets and phones under its own brand, which is another reason for Google switching to HTC; a company it hasn’t directly worked with since the original Nexus One launched back in 2010.

According to sources, Google its third-generation Nexus tablet as heavily, presumably riding off the success of the last slates sell-out debut. What’s more Android’s presence in the tablet market is already pretty significant.

Even so, there is no doubt that the arrival of the Nexus 8 will excite Android enthusiasts. The potential design improvements could be the start of new trend of Nexus devices. Currently, the Nexus lines of Android tablets, made by Asus, are known for performance and affordability.

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