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HTC to unleash quad-core big guns at MWC 2012?

Alongside the rumoured Tegra-3 running Edge comes word that HTC is working on other quad-core smartphones, ready to be unleashed at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona next month.

The quad-core HTC smartphones will be powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 3 chip and Qualcomm’s LTE-enabled MSM 8960 CPU, according to a DigiTimes report.

The source is Alvin Kwok, an analyst at JP Morgan Chase, which is estimating that HTC will break away from the smartphone pack if it announces a strong quad-core offering in February, with a view to them being on the shelves by April.

We wouldn’t see any LTE-ready HTC phones over here (not in 2012 at any rate) so it’s possible that we’ll see equivalent-spec quad-core phones announced with different radios inside them.

The only bona-fide quad-core Android device that’s been announced so far is the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime tablet-cum-laptop beast.

Aside from the leaked HTC Edge, we’ve yet to hear of anything that’s quad-core and phone shaped, at least in terms of an official announcement. In other HTC news, the rumour mill has served up the stylish-sounding HTC Ville, but that’s thought to be only dual-core. Only dual-core…

HTC wouldn’t comment when we spoke to them, but we’ve a feeling that HTC will be pulling out all stops to deliver something sensational.

Source: DigiTimes via TechRadar


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