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HTC Vertex appears as HTC’s secret quad-core tablet?

HTC have never really committed to entering the tablet market, their current grand total of two Android tabs, one being exclusive to AT&T in the US only really leaves the HTC Flyer as their most accessible device. The 7-inch tablet which launched for around £600 and came running Android Gingerbread left a lot to be desired, but HTC could seriously be reconsidering their take on tablets if the HTC Vertex is indeed real.

NenaMark2 is some pretty standardised Open GL graphics benchmarking software that sees a lot of action when testing new Android devices. As with the HTC One X successor which popped up earlier today on the results page of another benchmarking app’s website, a device going by the name of the ‘VertexF_PRM’ has popped up on NenaMark2’s results pages, stating its manufacturer as HTC.

HTC Vertex benchmark

As Phandroid point out, news like this certainly adds a lot of weight to talk of a new HTC tablet in the works and the results promise that it looks to be a capable device indeed. The benchmark lists the Vertex as making use of a 1280×752 HD display, as well as a Tegra 3 quad-core processor and Android Ice Cream Sandwich, although by launch there’s every chance it’ll run the newer Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Whether or not HTC intend for this to take on the likes of the new 7-inch Google Nexus 7 tablet or the likes of the larger, 10-inch Asus Transformer series devices is unknown. Whatever they decide with regards to screen size, the unveiling of such a tablet really comes down to differentiation. If the company follow through their intended plan, they’re unlikely to offer up the Vertex until it has a significant USP over the competition. The HTC Flyer did make use of Scribe stylus technology, so perhaps the Vertex will have its own unique feature to show off when it launches.


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