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HTC waiting on Windows Phone Apollo before releasing new handsets

One thing that’s been sorely missing at MWC 2012 is a range of new Windows Phones from HTC. They were keen to announce the Titan II at CES, a 4G LTE phone destined for AT&T in the United States, but otherwise things have been quiet.

htc titan

Pocket-Lint revealed that HTC are planning some new Windows phone devices, but that they’re waiting on the latest version of the operating system, Apollo. Kouji Kodera, chief product officer at HTC, told Pocket-Lint:

“For Windows Phone we haven’t decided on the branding yet, but you will see a new range of Windows Phones from us when Microsoft release their new Apollo operating system.”

As for the Titan II, HTC say they will be bringing it to other countries that have LTE networks, like Australia, but that potentially means we’ll be missing out on it here in the UK.

HTC’s hesitance to launch new Windows Phone products is interesting, especially since Nokia have exploded onto the scene and seemingly taken top billing when it comes to all things Windows Phone. Could we be seeing some renewed competition in this space later in the year? Don’t rule it out.


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