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HTC Windows 8 tablet on track for 2013 release?

HTC has been absent from the tablet space for some time now, picking its battles on the phone front and doing so with great success after launching its latest flagship, the HTC One. Could 2013 mark the year of the comeback to the tablet market though? If the latest rumours are anything to go by then the answer to that burning question is yes. 

In a turn for the books, the HTC tablet isn’t looking set to arrive with Android, oh no, it will apparently ship with Windows 8.

The rumour comes from the NPD DisplaySearch by way of the boys at Boy Genius Reporter and suggests that this supposed slate will pack a 10.1-inch display with full HD resolution. This pits it head to head not just with the likes of the iOS powered Apple iPad and the Android toting Sony Xperia Tablet Z, but every Windows 8 slate on offer, including the Nokia tablet rumoured over the past months. 

After reportedly leaked renders of a pretty immaculate looking tablet late last year, we can’t help but wonder – could we have already seen a variant of the offering HTC has in store? It certainly spoke a similar design language to the HTC One, looks incredibly refined and made us wish it was real.

We’d certainly welcome a re-entry from the Taiwanese smartphone maker, but as anyone who’s been following HTC’s progress of late will be aware, HTC’s gambles don’t always pay off.

Since its last tablet in the UK, the 7-inch HTC Flyer in 2011, Asus and Samsung have both innovated on tablet price and Apple has compounded its stranglehold of the premium space.

The HTC One has been an undeniable critical success though. While it’s yet to be seen whether it can deliver the commercial fruits needed to turn around HTC’s fortunes of late, if anyone deserves the chance to show off what they can do on a hardware front, it’s HTC.


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