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Huawei bids to save its bacon by investing in pig farming

As the Android ban continues to bite, Huawei has diversified its portfolio of products by employing its technology on pig farms.

The last few years have proven very difficult for Huawei, as the United States Government has aggressively pursued the firm on the grounds of national security. First there was the so-called “Android ban” in 2019, which prevented the manufacturer from installing Google Mobile Services on its devices, and then came the UK’s decision in 2020 to remove all Huawei 5G technology from its networks.

So it’s no wonder that the Chinese company isn’t resting its trotters up – it is of course actively looking for other ways to keep the piggy bank full, but we squealed with surprise when we found out that this was by installing its software on pig farms. 

You might think we’re telling porky pies, but the BBC reports that Artificial Intelligence is employed in this industry to identify individual pigs, while other technologies monitor their weight, diet, and exercise. Along with this new endeavour, Huawei will also reportedly invest in coal-mining in a bid to make that industry more efficient.

The brand will still continue to produce mobile phones, along with televisions, computers, and tablets, but it can no longer just rely upon this income stream, as the company perceives it to be very unlikely that it will be removed the the United States’ blacklist in the future.

Now you may already feel a bit disgusted with these plans to cooperate closely with the meat and fossil fuel industries – but brace yourself for worse, as the BBC recently reported that the manufacturer had “been developing facial recognition tech and faced criticism last month for a system that identifies people who appear to be of Uighur origin.” Evidently Huawei is seeking to keep its snout in the trough via any means.


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