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Huawei E585: Three unveils new MiFi device

Until we started using mobile Wi-Fi devices we didn’t really understand why you’d need a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. “Why not just hook your laptop up to a normal USB data dongle?” we churlishly asked. But mobile Wi-Fi devices are a fantastic solution if your device doesn’t have a USB port: e.g. iPod Touch, iPad, Nintendo DS, PSP, etc. They also allow you to share a 3G connection with several users.

Today Three announced a new mobile Wi-Fi device called the Huawei E585, which offers a one button connection solution, an improved display and an online dashboard. Unlike its predecessor the E585’s display shows you how much data you’ve used, the speed of the current connection and how long you’ve been browsing. It’s available early July 2010 and will cost around £50 on pay-as-you-go.

Update: We got one in and tested it out. Read more about the Three MiFi Huawei E585 here.


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