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Huawei Watch on track for a pricey October launch in the UK

It was way back at the head end of 2015 where we first met Huawei’s debut Android Wear smartwatch and IFA has now given us pricing and availability too.

When the Huawei Watch broke cover at MWC in Barcelona, we were drawn in but its premium metal design, the thin bezel around a fully circular sapphire crystal display and the high resolution screen, however, try as we might the company kept schtum on where, when and how much its first Android Wear(able) would be. Fast forward to Huawei’s IFA press conference in Berlin and we finally have those important final details, which will either make you smile or wince.

The Huawei Watch will launch in Canada, Germany, France, Spain and Italy this month, with pre-orders kicking off in the US simultaneously, whilst us Brits (along with Japan and the UAE) will have to wait a little longer, seeing the first round of devices in October. Now the painful bit…

Huawei is pricing the Watch between €399 (approx. £295) and €699 (approx. £515) depending on the extras and options you dress it with, making it the most expensive Android Wear device to date (special editions notwithstanding – we’re looking at you LG Watch Urbane Luxe).

Body options include rose gold, stainless steel and black-plated steel, whilst the Watch’s complimentary straps can be had in a stainless steel mesh, stainless steel links, rose gold or black-plated stainless steel links, and brown or black leather.

The cost may have something to do with the 400 x 400px display, or the notoriously tricky mass-production of sapphire crystal, but whichever way you spin it, you’ll need to be sure you want to invest in Huawei’s first Android Wear device before laying down cash, no matter how elegant and feature-packed it is.


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