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Human hamster wheel from Nokia charges your phone battery

After a week of running of our own eco-juices, we’re coming to the end of our challenge to use only renewable energy to power our mobile.

Using a combination of wind-up, solar and bike-based dynamo energy we’ve managed to keep ourselves just about topped-up.

Nokia, who incidentally made the bike dynamo, also created this  man-sized hamster-wheel to sustainably power attendee’s mobiles at 2011’s South by Southwest (SXSW).

James Whatley, marketing director at 1000heads, the people behind it, said, “The giant kinetic generator was inspired by Peter Ash’s hamster-sized invention from Nokia’s TV ads from last year.

We took this idea even further and created the giant wheel which people can run inside to charge their mobile devices and generate electricity sustainably.”

Ignoring the distinctly non-plussed couple in the background of the picture, the wheel is big enough to house a few humans, or a lot of hamsters, depending on how you look at it.

Running on the treadmill converts enough electricity to give your phone a power boost- if you’ve got the physical health for it. Nokia is looking to build on its reputation as one of the most environmentally considerate mobile phone manufacturers.

A poll in early 2011 by ethical consumer site GoodGuide saw Nokia take the top spot with its C6 handset.


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