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I Ain’t No Saint to offer customised covers for the Nokia Lumia 710

One of the features of the upcoming Nokia Lumia 710 is the interchangeable covers. If you’re not content with the standard colours that Nokia provides, you’ll be able to swap the back for something more to your liking. Artists and designers are already planning to take advantage of this feature.

I Ain’t No Saint normally provide tattoos, but have taken an interest in the Lumia 710. Posting on their website, they say that in the near future they will be offering one off custom covers, tattoo inspired designs, and will also provide custom corporate branded covers.

The idea of a customisable case or cover isn’t a new phone. Sites like Threadless and GelaSkins have offered cases and covers for a variety of devices, including the iPhone 4S. The advantage to the Nokia 710’s interchangeable cover is that you don’t need a separate case or cover, which could add bulk and thickness to the device.

There aren’t any details on when exactly I Ain’t No Saint will be providing their custom designs, but they recommend you keep an eye out on their website for upcoming details.

Source: I Ain’t No Saint


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