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I Am T-Pain karaoke app gets updated with iOS 4 features

If you’ve not heard of the I Am T-Pain iPhone app, you should stop reading for a minute and download it. Go on. It’s genius: a karaoke app that not only lets you sing along with a bunch of songs from US rapper T-Pain, but applies the infamous Auto-Tune sound effect to your voice as you do it.

Anyway, it’s just been updated for the new iOS 4 software, and the iPhone 4. The big deal: you can now shoot videos of yourself doing all that singing, using the new handset’s front-facing camera. And you don’t have to sing T-Pain’s tracks if you don’t want to – you can do whatever you want. For example:

The app is the work of Smule, the developer behind the similar Glee app – which will hopefully be getting a similar video feature soon – as well as Magic Piano on the iPad. Smule says that even before I Am T-Pain got the new feature, moer than 1.5 million people had shared more than 29.6 million recordings using the app.

Now, being British, I’d like to politely request that Smule turn its attention to rappers from this side of the Atlantic. I Am Dizzee, anyone?


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