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I now pronounce you Mandroid and Wife: Android-themed wedding pushes the boundaries of fandom

Though this is from last Tuesday, meaning we’re a little late to offer the newlyweds our congratulations, we can’t help but salute Rhys and Vanessa Kenworthy for their commitment to Team Android.

The couple tied the knot in style, accenting the traditional wedding garb with flashes of green, and even getting a page boy to dress up as a green R2-D2-lookalike. Even the altar is shaped like the Android logo.

The centre piece however has to be the Android-shaped wedding cake, which measured 2.5 feet off the ground. A full set of images are available for your perusal on Google+, we’ve picked a couple of our favourites here.

We hope that the special day went off with out a hitch, judging from the pics it looks like it did. We just hope that this guy didn’t show up, down all the booze and embarrass everyone.

This one is definitely up there in the Android romance stakes, along with using Google Maps to propose to your girlfriend.

Source: Google+


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