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Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 update rolling out to Google Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Motorola Xoom

As of yesterday, Google issued a public notice via Google Plus announcing that the latest rollout of Ice Cream Sandwich was hitting three key devices in the Android family.

First up, the flag bearer for Gingerbread in 2010, the Nexus S will be making the jump to ICS version 4.0.4 alongside its replacement, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

latest ics android devices

The Motorola Xoom, Moto’s Tegra 2-based Xoom WiFi tablet, which the first tablet out there to show off Android’s tablet centric variation Honeycomb, will also get a healthy dose of Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4, bringing yet another device more inline with the latest, more universal Android experience.

The post states: Some of you will be receiving Ice Cream Sandwich for the first time, while others will be receiving an update to your existing Ice Cream Sandwich experience with stability improvements,

These improvements include: increased camera performance, smoother UI interactions such as screen rotation, improved phone number recognition and a number of other behind-the scenes tweaks to boot.

Google says the rollout is underway, but don’t worry if your device hasn’t yet made any mention of an update. The process is being executed periodically and might not have arrived on your device just yet. Google is also planning to extend the update to more devices in the coming weeks, we’ll bring you more news as soon as we get it


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