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Ice Cream Sandwich delayed until December?

Oh Google you tease. Pushing back your Galaxy Nexus launch event in October kept our breath baited a little longer, but now you’ve pushed back its UK release date to December 2nd according to Amazon UK and we have an extra two weeks of hunger pangs until we get our mitts on your Ice Cream Sandwich.

To add more confusion to the release of Android’s upcoming flagship, three reputable retailers show three different release dates. Amazon as we mentioned state the handset will launch December 2nd, Expansys has the release listed as December 1st while Clove is yet to update its release date, showing the originally expected 17th November.

It is unclear why the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich may have been pushed back with no reason disclosed on any of the sites mentioned and no comment from Google, but once released, the 16GB version will set you back around £520. We’ll give you an update as soon as we hear something more concrete, but to satiate your appetites until then, check out our top ten features found in Ice Cream Sandwich.