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Ice Cream Sandwich: Motorola Xoom confirmed, HTC considering options

Inevitably after an announcement of a new version of Android the question on everyone’s lips quickly becomes, “When will my device get it?” Although if you’ve been unlucky in the past, it might just be a case of “Will my device get it at all?”

Motorola Xoom owners can rest easy as a post on Motorola’s support forums that the world’s first Honeycomb tablet will see an update to Ice Cream Sandwich in the future. Beyond that details are sparse – no word on availability, or if Motorola’s offering will even be the first tablet to see the update.

HTC also weighed in on ICS yesterday, and while they also didn’t delve into specifics, they seem committed to bringing the update to “as many HTC devices as possible”, with more information coming in the next few weeks. We can’t imagine HTC leaving recent handset owners out in the cold, so the question really is how far back they’ll extend the update.

Google have also confirmed with Engadget that the Nexus S will see Ice Cream Sandwich, but there’s no word regarding the Nexus One (although unofficially it’s already being ported).

As for other device manufacturers? All quiet on the western front, but you can expect to see movement over the coming weeks and months.

Source (Motorola): Phandroid via T3

Source (HTC): Facebook