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Ice Cream Sandwich: Nexus S “within weeks”, no love for Nexus One

Things might be a bit touch and go right now with the various Android OEMs, but if you bought into a Samsung Nexus S then you can rest assured that you’ll be seeing an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwhich soon enough.

The product management director for Android, Hugo Barra, confirmed that the Nexus S will see the ICS update “within weeks”, hoping to deliver the upgrade after the Galaxy Nexus has shipped. If all goes well you could be seeing a tasty treat on your Nexus S before Christmas.

Nexus One owners hoping for the same treatment will be disappointed though. The flagship Android handset of yesteryear won’t be seeing ICS simply because the phone’s hardware is “too old”. Disappointing then that Google won’t commit to further updates. Even the ancient iPhone 3GS with its 600Mhz processor received an update to iOS 5.

If you’re looking to see ICS on your Nexus One then you’ll have to turn to the developer community, who’ve already begun porting the latest and greatest to the phone. How well it will run when everything is finished is another matter entirely.

Source: The Telegraph