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Ice Cream Sandwich ported to Nexus S

If news that the Nexus S would be seeing the update to Ice Cream Sandwich within a few weeks didn’t sate your gadget lust, you can get it right now – if you’re willing to risk flashing the ported ROM, of course.

The fine fellows over at XDA Developers have been hard at work making ICS on the Nexus S a reality, and the ROM is available to download and flash to your device if you so dare.

Be careful though – things can always go wrong if you attempt to root and flash your device, and all the functionality of ICS isn’t working yet either. You’ll be missing out on working Bluetooth, NFC, and the new panaroma mode for the camera. From the looks of things in the XDA thread, there are other general bugs too. Just a heads up.

Or you could, you know, just wait a few weeks and get a fully working version over-the-air. The choice is yours.

If danger is your middle name, check out the source link for the ROM download.

Source: XDA Developers via SlashGear