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Ice Cream Sandwich running a Motorola Razr (video)

Though Ice Cream Sandwich isn’t due to hit the Motorola Razr ‘til January (having gone through a pretty lengthy process), that hasn’t stopped the Android faithful taking matters into their own hands. forum moderator DroidTh3ory has posted videos of a successful port of Ice Cream Sandwich on a Droid Razr, as it’s known in the States.

Installed via SafeStrap, which allows you to flash a second ROM (i.e. separate from your main ROM), this Razr is actually therefore running both Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich. So it’s not a manual upgrade as such.

It’s also not a totally finished job; there’s clearly an issue with the text message app. Apart from that it appears to be running Android 4.0 fine and that’s the main thing.

Hit up the source link below for two more videos, showing SafeStrap doing its thing. This is an in-progress thing obviously; keep an eye out if you’re keen to see this developing, if you really can’t wait for the official release to roll around in January.

Source: via The Inquirer


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