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Ice Cream Sandwich update hitting Wi-Fi-only Motorola Xooms

Motorola Xoom owners are in for a January treat – updates to Ice Cream Sandwich have begun to hit devices.

Posters on the Android Central forums report that official updates to Android 4.0.3 have been arriving over the air (OTA).

At the moment its just the Wi-Fi-only editions of the Xoom that’ve been getting the Ice Cream love, with the 3G/LTE & Wi-Fi versions not seeing anything just yet – the networks will have to do their tests before approving anything after all.

It also seems to only be owners in the States that are getting the updates so far. We’ve not spotted anything on Motorola’s official channels for the UK or Europe that mention anything Ice Cream-related. Give then often phased nature of OTA rollouts it could be a while before UK Xoom owners get anything. But it seems that we should be getting it soon. More info on this as we hear it…

Source: Android Central


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