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iChatr is like ChatRoulette for iPhone 4

Apple is famously un-keen on allowing willies onto the App Store. ChatRoulette is an online video-chat service that’s famously full of people waving their willies in front of webcams. Cross the two, and you get, well, we’re not sure quite what you get, but it may not be hygienic for your touchscreen.

Actually, we do know what you get: iChatr. It’s an app designed for the iPhone 4 that copies ChatRoulette’s idea of video-chatting to random strangers. It uses the device’s front-facing camera, and as long as you’re on a Wi-Fi connection, lets you facechat to other users at random, swiping the screen to ditch them for someone new when they get boring.

The fact that it’s limited to iPhone 4 users makes iChatr (in theory) less likely to bombard your eyes with unexpected and unwanted nudity. At least, that’s what you’d hope.

UPDATE: Sorry folks, with crushing inevitability, I encountered my first self-pleasuring iChatr user this afternoon. It seems some people just can’t help themselves, whatever device they’re using…


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