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id Software’s Rage roars onto iPhone and iPad in glorious HD

You can’t argue with Doom and Quake. Well, you could, but you’d end up on the wrong end of a nasty nailgun incident.

id Software is the developer behind both those first-person shooter franchises, and continues to make shooty joy for PC gamers worldwide. However, nowadays, the company also knows its iOS onions, helped by the enthusiasm of co-founder John Carmack.

The latest proof: Rage and Rage HD. Both were released today for iPhone and iPad, offering what id describes as a ‘first-person rail shooter’. That means you don’t have to handle the movement of your character – a decision made for better touchscreen play – but instead focus on shooting and grabbing ammo and cash.

The game looks amazing: a real showcase for iPad in particular. It’s also bloody enormous – nearly 540MB for the HD version – although the visuals, music and depth of gameplay make it worth the wait to download. And trust us, it’s quite a wait.

Many of the biggest hits on iPhone and iPad have been more casual games, but Rage and Rage HD show that more hardcore titles have an important place on the App Store too. Even if they do give you nightmares after playing…


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