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If you’re dumb enough to buy this iPhone case, you deserve to be shot

A new gun-shaped iPhone case has been causing a stir in the States, and if you’re actually enough of an idiot to purchase one, you’re basically asking for a bullet in the face.

Considering the number of accidental shootings that seem to take place in North America, it takes a special breed of idiot to rock this stupid new iPhone accessory, which turns your mobile into a pretend handgun. The white and pink models are bad enough, but the black version could easily be mistaken for the real thing, especially when the ‘grip’ is jutting out of your pocket.

The majority of these phone cases are apparently manufactured in Asia and imported into the States, to be sold on to halfwits for as little as $4.69. Retail giant also sold the cases, until a spokesman revealed on Tuesday evening that the item had been withdrawn from sale.

Deputy Inspector Judith Harrison of the NYPD posted a message on Twitter last week, reminding people that carrying around a realistic-looking gun-shaped phone case might not be such a hot idea.

Of course, the gun cover seems to be another case of Darwinism in action. Like the idiots who decided an up-close selfie with a wild elephant would be a great lark, anyone who rocks a gun-shaped phone cover in a country filled with armed police is just asking to have their brains blown out – or at least, whatever padding might be stuffed inside their skulls instead.


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