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iGrip unveils in-car holder with conductive charging pad concept

A universal in-car mobile phone holder isn’t exciting but add a conductive charging pad and you’ve got our attention. iGrip, an in-car holder manufacturer, recently unveiled an interesting concept in-car holder at the CTIA Wireless event. By combining PureEnergy Solution’s WildCharge technology, iGrip has created an in-car holder that allows you to charge your phone wirelessly. All you’ll need is a WildCharge adapter or case for your phone and then you’ll simply need to place it on the iGrip holder.

It’s not a groundbreaking development but it makes a lot of sense. No one likes fiddling around with their phone when they get into their car, so being able to drop it into a holder and have it charge straight away is handy. It also means that if you’re already using a WildCharge solution at home then this would extend your WildCharge case’s usefulness. As it’s being pitched as a concept at the moment, we’re not sure if iGrip is going to manufacturer it but we’ll let you know if we find out any more info.