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iMeshi: Realistic Eggs ‘n bacon, bento and sushi iPhone cases revealed

Japanese phone gadget shop Strapya has released a range of food covers for the iPhone 4 with several for the iPhone 3GS and Sony Ericsson X10 too. Ranging from chocolate cake to eel on rice, plain rice to eggs and bacon, there’s something for anyone obsessed with Japanese food, or any food in general.

Realistic plastic food doesn’t come cheap; expect to pay $50 (£31) for the privilege. Sadly, several covers have already sold out, but the Japanese company appears willing to send to the UK. Bored of super-tough cases and fashion branding? Get some yakisoba on that iPhone.

The cases may not be the most functional – note the width of the ‘dango’ case– and several lack a hole to use the phone’s rear-facing camera, and even cases with a camera-hole may find parts of the cover (hand-made, apparently) will interfere with shots and the flash.

But for fans of miraculously realistic Asian plastic food, this could be the case for you. We’d like that katsu one.

Via: The Sun
Source: Strapya


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