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Impossible Level Game: The Moron Test’s meaner older brother

Impossible Level Game for Android is perhaps best described as the Moron Test’s nastier, scruffier older brother. The one who got suspended for smoking behind the bike sheds and doesn’t care what you think.

Impossible Level Game consists of 30 puzzles each one more fiendish than the last. Annoyingly if you screw up on a level you’re kicked back to the previous one. Seeing as some of them require you to be very precise with your answers, it’s very easy to get sent tumbling back down five levels or so before climbing back up again like poor old Sisyphus.

While you don’t get as many levels as you would with the Moron Test and the graphics aren’t anywhere near as nice to look at, Impossible Level Game’s puzzles are harder and require a bit more outside the box thinking.

Developed by HyperBees (the guys responsible for Speedx 3D) and available to download for a pound, Impossible Level Game is guaranteed to annoy and frustrate but provide peace of mind and proof that you’re not a moron – if you’re able to finish it.


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