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Impressive short film shot and edited entirely on the iPhone 4

The iPhone 4’s video shooting capabilities were much-lauded by Steve Jobs at his WWDC keynote; with its ability to shoot 720p footage and the release of iMovie for iPhone so you can edit right on the handset, it certainly sounded impressive.

Keen filmmaker Michael Koerbel and his crew – of professional filmmakers, it should be noted – have done justice to the specs with Apple of My Eye, a short film entirely shot and edited on an iPhone 4 handset. You know you’re doing something right when your mobile phone video is referred to as a ‘short film’. While it’s a touch on the cheesy side, the whole thing is pretty impressive – particularly if you like model trains.

One thing’s for sure: if you didn’t already know, you’d never assume it was made using a mobile phone.

Of course, a soupçon of filmmaking know-how and a good idea will really help in your own iPhone-filmmaking quests, but if you have an iPhone 4 it’s safe to say you already have the tools.

[Daring Fireball via BoyGeniusReport]


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