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In The Night Garden app to steal your iPad. And keep it while giggling and drinking juice.

It’s time to get an entire box of screen wipes ready, because iPad apps are coming for your kids, and they’re not taking any strangers.

In The Night Garden is the latest pre-school show to arrive on the iPad and iPhone, featuring show stalwarts like Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy in an “interactive playground filled with the sights and sounds of the world famous TV show.”

Aimed for the younger iPad user (typically not the iPad owner) activities include dressing all three tomblibloos, and dancing around like your favourite character on-screen.

The app has plenty of items hidden in scenes to tap and see what happens. If you’ve seen the show once, you know what to expect from the interactions, but it’s all mildy seasoned with pre-school educational goodness.

The iPad comes at a £2.39 premium, while the iPhone is priced at slightly less, £1.79.

We’d advise using this genius idea for protecting your iPad home button from ickle fingers, spotted on Makezine: a bull-clip. Software not required.


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