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IncrediBooth brings the photobooth to iPhone 4

Who doesn’t wish they had some of those retro-cool photobooth prints of all their friends crammed into the booth at the back of Woolworth’s pinned to their bedroom noticeboard? Too young for that the first time around? Your time is nigh.

The folks behind Hipstamatic have wheeled the humble photobooth out of retirement with IncrediBooth, and have knocked it out of the retro photography park once again.

The app puts the iPhone 4’s front-facing camera to good use, simulating the photobooth flawlessly in both task and design, complete with translucent camera floating in the centre of the screen between markers which shows you where eye level is.

There are three nostalgic camera effects, from washed-out-pin-hole (#3) to pink-tinged (#2) and good old monochrome (#1). It’s super easy to use, just position yourself (and pals, if you have any) on the screen, hit the big red button and prepare yourself to have four photos taken in quick succession.

You can pick your photos up ‘outside’ (after a brief wait as they ‘print’) and share them via Facebook, email or simply save to photo library.

Check out how the hipsters do it on the IncrediBooth website; meanwhile, enjoy my hilarious and in no way entirely embarrassing roll above.


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