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Infinity Blade gets graphics upgrade for iPad 2

In its second major update this month, the developers behind lucious hack-em-up, Infinity Blade, have announced that they’ll be offering a even prettier version for iPad 2 users, to make use of all that extra power under its shiny new screen.

The original game really showed off the iPhone and iPad’s graphical chops, with a version of the Unreal engine, typically used on PCs and games consoles, and now it’s going to look even better.

Developer Chair say it will truly “show off your iPad 2’s graphics prowess.”

Technical director, Geremy Mustard, said, “The iPad 2 is a huge leap up in processing power from the first iPad, and is more powerful than the impressive iPhone 4.”

“The whole operating system will feel even more responsive and smooth. For developers like us who are always pushing the hardware to its limits, the iPad 2 will allow us to do things people won’t believe can be done on a tablet device.”

This upload will follow the recent Deathless King update which gave us six new areas to explore, several newly designed baddies alongside new fighting styles, and a whole raft of new weapons and accessories. Our favourite? A bloody huge finger, pictured right.

Update: It’s also jumped back up in price to £3.49.


Source: Fonehome


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